February 17, 2023

The 5 Best Content Tips for your 2023 Content Marketing Strategy

If you’re looking for the best content tips for your content marketing efforts, you’ve come to the right place. Just by being here, it tells us you’re working on your content strategy or looking into creating quality content for your brand or business in 2023.

At Coffee Date Media, we specialize in content production, so we’re sharing our top tips for recording videos or shooting photos to help you with your content marketing in 2023.

5 Content Creation Tips for Success in 2023! 

Set the Foundations

First, you’ll need to decide what platforms your target audience is on so you can plan to publish your posts and create content in the preferred format for those platforms. To avoid burnout, we recommend focusing on 1-2 platforms to help with consistency.

If you already have a presence, reviewing your analytics is a good idea to ensure you are capitalizing on content that already performs well with your audience.

Batch Content Production

Content “batching” refers to creating a good amount of content at once rather than trying to create content as it needs to be posted. Here are our best tips to make that process as easy as possible:

  • Plan out a specific day each month or week when you batch your content. Doing so can help with being more consistent and allows you time to work on other projects for your business.
  • Batch each step of the production process. For example, edit all the content on a dedicated day. It’s more efficient to work on one full task rather than trying to multitask.
  • Assign specific days to outline, record, and schedule our posts. Our process makes it more attainable rather than cramming it all at once.

Write Your Outlines and Scripts

If you’ve established your content strategy, you should have various types of content you plan to publish for each social media platform. To ensure you make the most of your time, writing outlines or scripts ahead of time can keep your video subjects on track. Sometimes you won’t need it–it’s always great to hear an expert riff on their area of expertise. But outlines can help everyone stay organized.

As a bonus, outlines help keep things moving smoothly at the editing phase, too. Your video editor can use a well-written outline to determine what should be cut, what footage to keep, and the best organization to keep the video engaging.

Test and Review Analytics

It’s vital to review your analytics each week and month to find out what is working and what isn’t. Learn to understand what the data says, so you can improve each time you create content. 

For example, which calls to action does your audience respond to? What length of video gets the most traction? Does your audience prefer to share carousels, blog links, or full-length videos? Knowing what content gets you the results you’re looking for helps you lean into what’s already working.

Improve Your Visual Content For Your Business

Like it or not, most social media platforms are very visual-heavy. Luckily, creating eye-catching visual content is pretty easy with a smart phone. Often, you can tweak small aspects of your visuals to increase reach and grow your community. Here are some places you can find opportunities: 

  • Camera improvements: It doesn’t matter if you’re using a camera or mobile device–clean your lens. No one wants to sit through a blurry video.
  • Audio adjustments: Using an external mic will help clean up any background noise. There are so many options, from mobile device wireless lapel mics to camera-mounted mics. Try investing in one that works with your device to make sure your audience can hear and understand you. 
  • Lighting Fixes: You don’t have to have a full-blown light setup. We love natural lighting. Most brands can create amazing, on-brand visuals with just a big window that allows light to come through. On the other hand, finding a space in your home with consistent lighting that could be more brightly but well-lit is always a great idea.

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