March 23, 2023

How Content Marketing Fuels Your Bottom Line

This may be news to some, but content marketing is not solely about brand awareness (cue the shocked faces). Content marketing is, in our opinion, for every business and can help you reach your financial business goals, too.

With the help of a professionally created content strategy, your brand can have various types of content distributed to reach potential customers through their journey to purchase. 

If you have different content styles in multiple channels where your target audience is spending time, your content marketing efforts should fuel your bottom line and not just be a brand awareness tactic. This article will show you what content marketing efforts can achieve and how it all fuels down to inbound lead generation.

What You Can Achieve With Content Marketing

Content marketing isn’t just about having a brand presence online; it’s about creating and distributing content for your target audience in the most effective way possible. When implementing a successful content marketing plan, you’ll find your business will be able to achieve the following.

Increase website traffic

Having content online that utilizes best practices such as SEO drives your website’s organic traffic. The more quality website traffic you have, the higher your chance of converting leads. That said, a solid understanding of your website’s user experience and navigation will be vital in keeping this increased traffic on your website and leading them through your sales funnel. 

Whether you’re creating a website from scratch or have a website already, you should audit your site regularly. Auditing your website will help you identify any technical and content issues search engines may flag and website visitors may find.

Boost trust and credibility

Having an online presence isn’t enough for potential customers to trust your brand. People want to understand a brand’s story. It’s the “why” behind the brand’s mission and the differentiating factor from competitors. 

While some content will focus on directly selling your products and services, other content will be educational, showcasing your expertise in your industry, or relatable content that shows you understand your audience’s pain points. With these other content types, your brand can show expertise and build authority and thought leadership.

Nurture customer relationships

While showing potential customers what you’re capable of, you must also nurture your current customer base. There are specific content formats and styles to build a positive customer service experience with your existing customers. 

For example, curate educational content about your product or service so your current customers can utilize it to its fullest potential. This type of content could be pulled into various derivatives like social media cut-downs, blog posts, and videos for your website.

Convert leads

The more content that answers the questions of your potential customers, the more they feel comfortable purchasing because you’ve established that you have the expertise to serve their needs. Try gaining insight from potential customers through surveys, market research tools, and keyword tools to discover what they are looking for and how you can help them.

With these different content formats and channels, you can reach your potential customers along the way and show them why your solution is the best choice.

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